SMT for Trad & Investment CO. LTD. is one of the leading import and export companies. Our company was established since 1999 the company operates in the fields of trade and investment, but our excellence is manifested in the export of Arabic gum, sesame, and other agricultural products.
Before I establish SMT company, I collected very rich experiences from working in the field of investment with many Russian and Arab companies, whether in the Gulf or North Africa. Sudan as the country of origin for this company has multiple sources of water and Large agricultural areas. For these reasons, we are able to provide the market with high-quality products.
SMT provides the right conditions to purify these products and save them in a good way while ensuring that they are delivered to you in ways that ensure that they are matched to the international market specifications.
As the CEO and founder of the company, I personally supervise the company transactions until the last stages of export through a network of employees across Sudan and personal field visits to these sites.
We believe that Sudan is a gateway to the world of the Agricultural Market and the gate between Africa and the Arab countries and through it to the international market.
Our goal is to provide the market with premium high-quality products and we look forward to establish distribution centers with our partners in many countries.
We will continue improving our customer services to meet your satisfaction at all times.